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About GMVB:

GMVB is a free tool that help you to save your video or audio files from a broken media like CD or DVD. It's completely free and because of the small size and requirements you can use it like a portable application. If you have a disk with video files and normally you are not able to save or watch it because of the media doesn't readable then you can use this software. Just simply insert your media to the CD or DVD reader, open the software, choose the source and destination file and just start the saving. To see what happening due the saving just simply open the log window. After the restore from a broken media you may need to re-indexing the file if it's inconsistent. You should use for this operation the AviFix or VirtualDubMOD. In case of MPEG video files it's not necessary. This tool don't have a decrypter and in this case you can't save copyrighted materials to your hard drive.

How To use:

Just simply put the CD or DVD disk into your CD/DVD reader. Wait until your PC identify the type of the disk. If the disk is initialized you can start the software. Push the "Open and Start" button. (Located in bottom left corner) Choose your source file from your disk and press Open. On the next window you need to set the target file. You can type name of the file. If you don't have enough free space on the desitnation drive the software will warn you. If there is no other error the copy has been begin. The "map" representing the status of the copy. If there is a 0,1% error of the file the map sector color set to red. Otherwise it's set to blue. The green marker is representing the actual status and / or resume status. If you want to see much more details you can open the logfile.


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GMVB [Stable] - Get My Videos Back
Released: Jun 28 2010



  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • CDFS (from 650MBytes to 800MBytes size of disk)
  • DVD disks
  • MP3, M2A, WMA audio files
  • AVI, MPEG, MPG, M2V, WMV video files


Minimal System Requirements:

  • PIII 1000MHz
  • 6MB free memory
  • Free space on the destination hard drive
  • CD or DVD reader

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